What is narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a rare neurological condition. It affects the brains' ability to regulate the sleep-wake cycle, which can cause a range of symptoms such as excessive sleepiness, cataplexy and more.

Events Calendar

Here you can find a calendar of upcoming events that may be of interest. These include fundraising, support, and networking meetings.


We have created an online petition through change.org, and we need your support! Please sign our petition and share as widely as possible to help us gain access to widely used treatments routinely "blacklisted" by NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in the U.K.


Narcolepsy UK run conferences to enable meeting other affected people, and to find out the latest developments in medicine or law.

Click here for details of Edinburgh informal conference (Feb 2016).

Narcolepsy in the News

Find updates from the charity, plus narcolepsy stories in the news from around the world.


It's easy to get involved! Click here for info on a range of ways you can help the charity raise funds.

State Benefits

Having a condition such as Narcolepsy may affect your financial situation. It is important to find out if there are any benefits you can claim.

Catnap newsletter

Narcolepsy UK publishes a regular newsletter for our supporters, both in print and available for download. The most recent edition is December 2015.